The Alpha

Every thing needs a beginning, right? I mean this is hardly the beginning tho. I’ve been here, on this side of the keyboard, typing thoughts, writing rants, cracking jokes and giving my opinion…for a pretty long time now. I’ve created two blogs already. Both of which I can’t remember the login or passwords for. I’ve wrote a few pieces that I’ve gotten some okay feedback from….But, none the less, this feels like the beginning. A starting point. The alpha.

I’m not really sure what makes this time special. It’s just a feeling. Something seems to have shifted in my thinking. I keep asking myself “who are you?” “What are you doing here?” And hell, I still don’t know the answers to those questions. The difference is, I feel a nearness to that discovery. I’m not there, I haven’t met who I’m supposed to be yet, but it’s kind of like I can hear her mumbling something from afar off, or I can see her shadow in the distance. I don’t know. That sounds really deep, huh? Well just a heads up…I’m deep. To a fault sometimes. But I’m being 100% authentic when I say, this is different. This beginning feels like the conception of something. Not the birth. By that I mean, I don’t know the identity of what’s to come, all I know is that something has been created and conceived and now I must incubate that creation. Thus, here I am! Rambling, once again, on the mysterious side of the keyboard; welcoming strangers and friends into the intimate place that is my thoughts. I have no real promises for what I have to offer. All I have to give is me. So here’s to everybody reading this, who too, are celebrating an Alpha in their lives! To the beginning of a new beginning and the starting point of something amazing…


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